Thursday, July 10, 2008

Knowledge is Power....But Don't Buy Yourself Broke!

It may sound like I'm talking myself out of a few paychecks, however, I've always believed it's better to share the secrets that made me successful. So here goes:

In order for you to compete successfully as an Internet Marketer, you have to learn more than your competitors. Your first priority, if you have not done so already, is to find the best Internet marketing resources you can find. It's most important to understand this information, worth litterally millions of dollars, is available free of charge.

You begin your search on Google. Most us begin with US Government listings for business and marketing information. For example, the SBA provides mentoring and business consultation including everything from start-up to ongoing day by operational advice.

If you have started a business within the past few months without the benefit of a formal business plan or checking with the SBA, you have already made two mistakes that will most likely result in a business that statistically will fold within the next 6 months.

Knowledge is Powerful but don't waste your time or you money on high priced books and programs that pretend to offer proven riches. Start with the free resources, especially those provided by the government. You'll be way ahead of your competitors. Based on current statistics 85% of your competitors will be out of business before Christmas!

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