Thursday, September 11, 2008

SEO Drives Traffic With Out-Of-The-Box Promotions

So many ideas and "deals" cross my eyeballs I risk eyestrain everytime I read a note. However, without information we'll miss building the knowledge base that feeds success.

Following a hunch I read behind the "Definitely Don't Miss This" headline on an email I received Monday. Since I only receive email from trusted sources....who I constantly screen and delete as their value drops below par, I was curious about the contents of this note, especially since I normally only receive training materials that are for my use only.

Now that I have re-read the information and checked on their response stats, I wanted to let you know about this new product that has just gone through a "soft launch." The gimmick is the savvy team that put this together is only selling the DVD package for pennies.

I didn't say "pennies on the dollar", I really meant pennies literally.

Gary Ambrose and Keith Wellman, a couple of rising star gurus, with a small but loyal following have decided to ramp up their production of extremely powerful training tools.

Gary and Keith have finally released the recordings of the private, "Same List, More Profit" workshop, an event I wish I'd have made it to when I received an invitation to attend it live.

Clicking this link takes you directly to their information site. Or you can read a few of the details here...

Guess how much it costs? Too high..

Guess again?

You, like me, probably guessed a DVD of a live weekend workshop would normally sell for $597 or discount to a private list for $397. However, for their soft launch this team is not even pricing the DVD at $97.

This full workshop, delivered to you on DVD, starts at exactly 5 cents.

That’s right. One Nickel.

The website is

Timing is everything in the business of SEO. The information you learn and apply tomorrow may miss the window you would have opened if you had acted today.

The thing is, you really want to hurry because with every sale, the price goes up. The quicker you take action, the lower the price.

Also once you’re signed up, you automatically gain access to the 100% commissions affiliate program.

Go to

That’s 100% commissions on a physical product on DVD, but that's not all ...

So jump on board now to secure the lowest price possible.

The website is

Alex Rich