Thursday, November 27, 2008

SEO Marketing Is All About Traffic, and Lot Of It!

It would be a rare day when you could have a conversation about search engine optimization and not talk about how to drive more traffic to your websites. It's not because of greed or the normal conversational ramblings Internet marketers like to enjoy when they talk about what's happening in their world.

Website traffic is a business necessity. Without it we marketers wouldn't survive. As an Internet Adviser, I too would be doubly at a disadvantage. I have to know not only how to coach Internet marketers in improving the flow of traffic to their sites, I also have to keep up with the trends.

What this means is, I consistently research keywords to find out what surfers are spending their time looking for when they type into search boxes during the day. This challenging part of my day also provides some side benefits. Namely, I get lots of email from technicians and developers who have products and tools ready to enter the market.

A current automation type of program is too complicated to detail at this time, however I'll give you the link to this Wordpress based enhancement that is just about to go public.

Click here for details on making the time you spend blogging much more productive.

Next week I'll be giving away a great new program you can give away for free.

Doc Rich

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Search Engine Optimization...A Traffic Driving Breakthrough

Search Engine Optimization drives traffic better than any other system...anywhere.

The challenge is it's not rocket science. Rocket Science is easier.

Now comes the stupid part. Scientist have actually cracked the code for how this Internet necessity works. Phychologist have been calculating how human beings respond to information when they are searching for solutions.

The mystery had always been, how does an advertiser break through impulsive decision making habits to captalize on the thousands of dollars spend on market research?

In the case of Internet marketers, the challenge was even greater than in the bricks and motor world. This is largely because individuals like to be able to see and touch the merchandise they are buying.

Recently a break through was achieved and the results are being revealed within a few months. Most likely a savvy marketing group will purchase this system that is rumored to be hitting the market at the sky high price of $900,000.

For a look at an early beta test this newly created traffic building system, click on this link

We'll have a sneak peek at this system for our blog readers review. Hopefully a deal will be struck that will lower the price.

Check back in two weeks for a first hand look at what is said to be a huge breakthrough in search engine marketing.

Click Here for a look at an early beta test this newly created traffic building system. This link will only be active for the next week or so...