Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It All About Keeping It Fresh

It's probably the last thing you think about most days. But if you are not constantly tweaking the freshness of your web pages' content you're missing the boat....or Boatload of Dollars that are trying to find their way to your bank account.

Search engine optimization AKA SEO, is not a hit it and check back next month type of process. You'll be well served to check a batch of your key words each day. Naturally, this depends on the size of your website and how much content or verbiage you post on your pages.

Often you'll find the public changes their mind when it comes to how they enter search phrases into a search box. Blame the media for coining phrases as often as talking heads change their ties. Your best resource for keeping up with the jargon is to scan the online headlines and your favorite forums.

Don't be afraid to experiment with your wording when you're ready to freshen up your pages. Using savvy or humorous phrases can make a huge difference in your web pages' ranking...which can change overnight!

Always remember, Google is your friend. This is especially true if you change your sentences and phrases often. New, fresh content is the key to success when the subject of success is content. Naturally, you'll want to goggle your long-stem keywords and your taglines and keep them relevent. Once you start you'll see the difference and you'll learn this is time well spent.

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